5″ Terracotta Anti Down Draft Pot Hanging Cowl with Jubilee Strap

Terracotta Pot Hanger With Anti-Down draught Cowl

The pot hanger with integral anti-downdraught cowl is the ultimate in chimney liner suspending cowls. Not only allowing the chimney liner to be installed without removing the pot, but prevents any downdraught and increased rain protection. It is used at the top of the chimney pot to take the weight of the liner, simply push the liner between the three straps and tighten the supplied jubilee band. The pot hanger also has a further three straps which hang down the outside of the chimney pot. The jubilee band supplied is fixed around these to secure against the pot.

Used in conjunction with flexible flue liner, this item can be used to with a terracotta cowl or used to suspend a liner to allow it to hang down the chimney

Diameter: 5 inches

CE Approved

Colour: Terracotta

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