All our stove pipe has been specifically engineered to give an authentic visual whilst being manufactured using the latest available technology.

The piping is produced in zero carbon steel with two coats, both internally and externally of superior class A-quality enamel applied.

All joints are fully welded providing an excellent gas sealed joint offering minimum resistance to flue gas flow.

As standard our flue pipe is available in matt black, however it can be enamelled in any colour simply with our high temperature stove paint.


Conforms to BS6461 part 2.

Conforms to BS6999:1989 specification for vitreous enamel low carbon steel flue pipes for solid fuel burning appliances with a rated output of 54kw.

Enamel conforms to BS 1344 part 1 and 7 for temperature and thermal shock and conforms to Class SA requirements of BS1344 part 3 for acid resistance.


Designed for quick and easy installation with the socket (female coupling) directed upwards and the male end facing down sealed with fire cement and/or fibre rope. (Available here). The vitreous piping should be fitted at least three times the diameter away from a combustible. The system has a number of components including pipes, elbows, pipe adapters, condense traps, ceiling and wall rosettes, and pipes with cleaning doors.

Euro-Vit Black Vitreous Flue – Details


SKU 67-125-045
Item 360 mm Length
Thickness 1.2mm