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Flue Pipe, Chimney Parts & Accessories

Discover the Fluestock 6″ (150mm) Black Twin Wall Flue Pipe – precision-crafted for optimal ventilation, safety, and style. Designed to meet industry standards, this flue pipe’s 150mm diameter ensures optimal airflow, enhancing your heating appliance’s overall performance. The powder-coated black finish adds sophistication, resisting corrosion and wear. The twin wall construction guarantees superior insulation, promoting energy efficiency and preventing heat loss.

Installation is effortless with the user-friendly design, fitting seamlessly into various heating systems. Whether upgrading an existing flue or setting up a new one, Fluestock’s black twin wall flue pipe is a reliable choice. At Fluestock, safety and quality are paramount. Our flue pipe is manufactured to withstand continuous use, providing lasting durability and peace of mind.

Trust in the performance of our 6″ (150mm) Black Twin Wall Flue Pipe for a reliable and efficient heating solution. Upgrade your system with Fluestock’s premium black twin wall flue pipe, blending functionality, durability, and style seamlessly. Place your order now and experience the unmatched quality that sets Fluestock apart.

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