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Roof Support Bracket Twin Flue (5 inch) TwPro


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TWPro Twin Flue 

With TwPro FitSystem – Created Exclusively for TwPro
Makes installing chimneys quick and easy!

  • G50 designation at 600 degrees C
  • Colour: Stainless Steel Mirror Finish
  • Internal Diameter 5 inch (125mm)
  • External Diameter 7 inch (175mm)

Super Easy Assembly:
The locking bands are embedded into the pipe itself  – no protrusions between one section and the next

Locking Bands:
Each piece is provided with the required locking band (with the exception of the single to twin adapter this is locked to the first section of flue)

Suitable for:
Wood, Wood pellets, Coal, Gas, Gas Condensing, Oil, Oil Condensing

Can only be used in conjunction with other TWPro Flue parts.

In stock


Roof Support Bracket

The roof support will rotate on 2 screws so that the flue can be installed vertically through the roof. The roof support is attached to the rafters in the roof space, allowing a fixed support before the flue leaves the structure of the building.

High quality, multifuel, stainless steel twin wall chimney system designed for use with all solid fuel appliances. 
Tested to a maximum operating temperature of 600 degrees C and it comes with a 25 year warranty

For use on solid fuel and gas/oil appliances. eg: woodstoves, gas coal effect fires, oil and gas boiler and any solid fuel appliances.

Outer skin is made from 304 grade stainless steel and is 0.4mm thick. Inner skin is made from 316 grade stainless steel and is 0.4mm thick.
Insulation is compressed rockwool giving a density of 200kg/m3 TWPro / 128Kg/m3.
All parts are fully welded.
Distance to combustibles is 50mm 

TWPro is HETAS Approved and is UKCA marked.
Designation Number
TWPro EN1856-1 T600 N1 W V2 L50040 G50.
TWPro EN1856-1 T200 W V2 L50040 O20.

25 Year Conditional Warranty on product
2 years on paint finish

TWPro Twin Wall Insulated Chimney parts are secured together by using a Locking Band.
Make sure that you keep the required distance from the outside of the flue to any combustible material (wood, plaster board).

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